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Gunilla Heilborn, This is not a love story

Gunilla Heilborn, This is not a love story

This is not a love story, photo by Stefan Bohlin

Gunilla Heilborn (Sweden)

This is not a love story

The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre

Tue 8 (includes Meet the Artist) & Wed 9 Oct, 8pm

Tickets: £15 (£12 concs.)


"A huge, feel-good experience”

- Cultural News, Swedish radio

In this glorious gem of a piece, Gunilla Heilborn, with her characteristic cinematic timing and humour, relates the story of two reluctant heroes. With disarming simplicity, the duo switch between light, artless dancing and scattered questioning, in a delicate search for context.

Like a classic road movie, the heroes’ journey ends up being not about the destination but the reflections along the way.


Supported by Swedish Arts Council

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Save 20%

Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist
Tue 8 Oct after the show
Free to same-day ticket holders