a The Secret Slowness of Movement Photo: Paul Blakemore

Laura Dannequin’s installation is an invitation to take some time out of our busy lives. It's a space for quiet contemplation, a dance floor for anonymous unwinding, an after party. Featuring an ever-changing light and soundscape, it is a genuinely sensory experience where a floor of fresh grass invites you to kick off your shoes, to soften and melt for a while.

Dannequin created The Secret Slowness of Movement as a response to a period of injury and pain which left her unable to dance, or move much at all. The result is a shared refuge where time slows down.  

Come and go as you please.

Dannequin is a dance artist whose practice encompasses performance, installation and print. Recent works include 'Dance Dark Dance', 'In the Making' and 'Hardy Animal' (Aerowaves 2016). She works in close collaboration with Dan Canham & Still House and is currently training as a Body-Mind Centering Practitioner and working in a curatorial capacity on 'Feel It', a festival exploring pain and breathlessness.

“It feels like an invitation to feel my nerves and heartbeat and muscles in the way that normally only happens as the sun comes up at the end of a party. Time moves differently here.” - Theatre Bristol

2016 Press 

"Bliss....a space in which you immediately want to lie down.....It’s a brave work for Dance Umbrella and although the purpose of Dannequin’s work is about not doing not very much, it provokes many questions about dance and performance"             londondance.com - read the full review here.  

Although there is access to the lower part of the gallery, unfortunately there is no level access to the first floor where the event takes place.

For queries on access information contact DRAF on 020 7383 3004 or email info@davidrobertsartfoundation.com

Presented by Dance Umbrella in partnership with DRAF

Created for Mayfest 2015 with generous support from Arts Council and Theatre Bristol

Fri 14-Sat 15 Oct

The Secret Slowness of Movement

Laura Dannequin
David Roberts Art Foundation
Symes Mews
Camden High Street, NW1
14-15 October

Fri 14 October

4pm - 8pm

Sat 15 October
2pm - 6pm


No level access

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